Don’t Let Office Work Shorten Your Life: 9 Tips To Avoid Its Pitfalls

A health-friendly work style is perfectly compatible with high work efficiency and outstanding professional results, given that you are accustomed to following a series of simple rules:

1) Get up from your chair every hour. A “dehydration” of 5 minutes (in which it is preferable to go) is enough. Prolonged sitting, without breaks, promotes the appearance and development of blood clots, clots that can cause strokes.

2) Organize your activities well, so as to avoid the trap of multitasking. Going from one activity to another all the time is not only unproductive, but also very stressful. This does not mean, however, to fall into the other extreme, that of routine. Even if it generates less stress than multitasking, routine will make you mentally tired and, in the long run, accelerate the degradation of higher brain functions.

3) Do you start work early, and in the morning, at home, you are not hungry? If you can’t get your body used to having breakfast served very early, it doesn’t mean you have to miss breakfast. The solution is simple: prepare your package with (healthy) food in the evening and serve it at the office, in the morning. A menu that will not rob you of more than 10 minutes of working time can be at the same time healthy, practical to eat at the office and nutritious enough. Breakfast idea: wholemeal bread sandwich, hard boiled egg (slices) and cottage cheese, served with bell peppers.

4) Say “No!” fast food lunch. You can (in the absence of healthy alternatives, close as an office location) order the delivery to the office of a healthy lunch and, from time to time, opt for the solution of a cold lunch, in a package.

5) Always wash your hands before eating: keyboards can host dangerous microorganisms.

6) Always keep your laptop on the desk, not in your lap. The electromagnetic radiation generated by the laptop can cause skin irritation, but also contribute to the appearance of severe diseases.

7) Get used to looking every few minutes, for at least a few moments, somewhere else (preferably an object / point as far away as possible) than in the laptop / desktop screen. In this way, limit the damage caused to the screen eyes.

8) Do you serve small snacks at the office? Choose raw fruits and seeds instead of concentrated sweets.

9) Socializing can be enjoyable and just as useful without cigarettes. Even if you make a discordant note and risk being caught, walking “to the cigarette” with an apple, a glass of water or a bag of nuts instead of cigarettes is by far the least unhealthy alternative (say “the less unhealthy ā€¯because you can only partially protect yourself from passive smoking).